Simple, Advanced & Qualified Signatures in Peru

The power of Intellisign for e-Signatures

E-signatures with legally binding for foreign companies working in Peru. Electronic signature accepted in Peru for commercial and private agreements with other companies.

Intellisign was designed for foreign companies working in Peru. Intellisign helps American, British, European and Asian companies to make simples, advanced and qualified electronic signatures for agreements legally binding with other Peruvian companies. With our technology you will be able to:

Approve documents in individual and teams
Manage and request electronic consents
Make electronic agreements and contracts
Preserve, authenticate and protect documents

Intellisign guarantee:


We guarantee that the document has been signed by the person who claims to have signed it.


We ensure that the information in the digital document has not been modified after it has been signed.


The signatory cannot deny the content of the document or the veracity of his signature.

Main functions:

  Massive signature
Sign your documents in batches, select one or several at a time.
  Fastest e-Signature Technology Ever
Do you imagine e-sign +100 documents in 1 minute with 1 click?.
  QR & Online validation
Add QR codes to your documents to validate them publicly by third parties.
  Complex Workflows
With a couple of clicks you can create workflows and assign your frequent signers.
  Multiple signature profile
Each user may sign with several positions or representations.
  2FA Authentication
More secure login access and e-signatures using codes sent by e-mail/SMS.
  Audit & Traceability
Track and audit all signature transactions.
  e-Signature for Heavy Documents (+50 MB)
Do Your e-Sign provider does not support heavy documents? Try Intellisign.
Sign documents in Spanish, English, Portuguese, Japanese, German and Chinese.

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